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Interview with Dr. Richard Thiele on the treatment of knee ailments

Dr. Thiele is Chief Physician of the ambulatory surgical center. Working together with Dr. Hartmann for over 20 years, the two established the cross-disciplinary orthopedic center. Today the name they chose for it CHIMANOS is its trademark and program: treating with hand and heart.

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Interview with Dr. med. Richard Thiele
Dr. Thiele, together with Dr. Hartmann, you developed the CHIMANOS philosophy. To what degree do patients with knee problems benefit from this?

Dr. Thiele: Joint ailments can have different causes. Following the CHIMANO philosophy, we are able to uncover the complex mechanism behind a problem before it has a chance to turn into a chronic ailment and an operation becomes necessary. Knee ailments can also have their origins in the spine.

How do you treat knee ailments?

Dr. Thiele: After conducting extensive tests, which include a manual diagnosis and technical examinations, like X-ray, ultrasound and magnetic resonance tomography, we prescribe conservative methods of treatment. This may, for example, be orthopedic insoles, manual therapy, warmth and stimulation current therapy, physiotherapy or injections.

If none of these measures is appropriate or proves effective, we may use shockwave therapy in place of a surgical procedure, if we think it’s suitable.


We are internationally one of the leading treatment centers in joint care. People come to see us from all over the world.

When do you administer arthroscopy?

Dr. Thiele: Arthroscopy allows us to diagnose problematic changes in the inner knee and provide treatment on an outpatient basis. Tiny cameras and surgical instruments are inserted through two 5mm size incisions. This enables us, for example, to stitch up freshly torn meniscus. In the near future we will also be able to replace torn or worn-out meniscus.

If signs of wear, like a coarse $ndash; instead of the normal smooth surface of the cartilage, show up on the computer monitor, we will treat it, get it smooth again. Muscles and tissues are, in this way, conserved and physiotherapy can begin right after the operation.

We perform 400 to 500 such procedures annually at our day clinic.


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