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§ 6 (German Teleservices Act)

The following physicians are liable for the content published on this Website

Cyrus Sarem, M.D., Thomas Hartmann, M.D. and Richard Thiele, M.D.
Kurfürstendamm 61
Corner of Leibnizstrasse/Olivaer Platz
10707 Berlin

phone.: 030 - 884 30 60
fax: 030 - 884 30 663

They comply with the Professional Regulations of the State Medical Association of Berlin (LÄK Berlin) and the Berlin Health Personnel Act (Heilberufegesetz des Landes Berlin). The regulations are found in the Berlin State Gazette (Gesetzblatt des Landes Berlin) 1997, p.678; amendment made in accordance with the VIIIth law regarding modification of the Berlin Chamber Regulation (Berliner Kammerordnung) of 05.10.99, p. 537.

Supervisory authority:
Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians
Statutory Body
Masurenallee 6 A
14057 Berlin

phone: 030 - 31 003 - 0
fax: 030 - 31 003 - 380

Berlin Medical Chamber:
Berlin Medical Chamber
Statutory Body
Friedrichstraße 16
10969 Berlin

phone: 030 - 40 80 6 - 0
fax: 030 - 40 80 6 - 34 99

Professional titles: Doctors of Medicine

Professional practice regulations:
Professional Practice of the Berlin Medical Association
Berlin Chamber Law
(The regulations are found on the Ärztekammer Berlin website under "Gesetze-Verordnungen")

Partners with authorized representational rights:
Dr. med. Thomas Hartmann
Dr. med. Richard Thiele

Notice of liability:
Despite careful checking, I do not assume liability for the contents published on external links of this Website’s. The owners of the respective Web links instead are liable for the contents therein.
The Regional Court of Hamburg ruled on 12 May 1998 that parties are liable for the contents of Web links that they place on their Web sites. This can – according to the Regional Court – only be avoided if the party explicitly distances itself from those contents. We therefore wish to state that we have no influence whatsoever on the design and content of the external links on this Web site, and furthermore we explicitly distance ourselves from the contents of the said links and do not claim their contents as our own. This statement applies to all the Web links displayed on this Web site. We are not liable for the downloading of content or the downloading of software which facilitate the user’s access to the content download, which is undertaken at the user’s own risk. The use of the contact information, such as addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses found on the Legal page or similar pages by third parties for the purpose of forwarding unsolicited information is prohibited. Legal measures will be taken against senders of spam mails in violation of this ban.

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