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Hip endoprosthetics

When the hip joint has deteriorated irreversibly we will suggest an operation. The same applies to a joint that fails to attain a pain-free recovery following an injury. We recommend people who lead active lifestyles not to put off a surgical procedure. For patients with a hip ailment – regardless of age, an operation today in no way spells the end of such a lifestyle. In fact, many can only resume their sports activity following an operation. Modern surgical techniques and ailment-specific implants offer a safe and long-term alternative. For each joint there is a wide-ranging selection of implant types, designs and materials. They can be attached by cement or set directly into the bone. Essential for the success of any treatment are the surgeon’s expertise and skills.

The goal of the operation is to return the patient to an active life free of pain or discomfort.

Dr. Sarem, the head of the Joint Care Center, is a specialist consultant in hip and knee prosthetic implants who conducts over a hundred highly successful hip operations a year. To ensure the success of an operation continues in the decades to come, it is necessary to use a well-engineered prosthetic design and technically matured materials which have long-term scientific proven efficacy. In the best interest of our patients, we use only materials that have demonstrated wear-resistance with maximum health safety.

An additional factor in the success of the operation is a muscle-conserving surgical technique. For this reason, a minimally invasive operation is performed whenever possible.

Minimally invasive operation

Minimally invasive surgical techniques in joint replacement are a genuine achievement. In the case of coxarthrosis (arthritis of the hip), Dr. Sarem, the head of the Joint Care Center, takes great care when dealing with soft tissues and muscles. The implanting of a hip prosthesis is performed solely through a small incision in the skin and existing gaps in the muscles. Defective parts of the bone are carefully removed using high precision techniques and replaced by prosthetics. Minimally invasive techniques require many years of surgical experience and skills, special education and training programs at selected teaching centers. Only after having acquired specific knowledge and skills are surgeons qualified to insert an implant through a tiny entry point, as opposed to a large opening at the joint.

Minimally invasive surgical techniques impact little on the surrounding soft tissues. This has not only cosmetic significance: the fewer muscles and capsular ligament left unimpacted, the quicker the patient can start post-op rehabilitation and regain mobility and independence. Operations take place at the Havelklinik Berlin.
Its state-of-the-art facilities and highly qualified nursing staff ensure patients achieve a state of well-being and a comfortable and pleasant recovery.

In the case of standard prosthetics, the use of a large-diameter metal femoral head is often an alternative. Standard prosthetics can have many of the same advantages of hip resurfacing.

The wear on joint replacements is minimal while the patient is assured of excellent mobility. Our patients can resume their everyday life as well as their sports activities.

The latest set of X-rays and molds of the prospective prosthesis aid the surgeon in planning the precise course of the operation. It may be performed under local or general anesthesia. With a minimally invasive procedure a tiny incision is all that is necessary to introduce surgical instruments into the body. First, the defective femoral head on the femoral neck is separated. Then the pelvic socket is freed from the cartilage surface. The two joint counterparts are replaced by a prosthesis, which is attached by bone cement or other means. At the end of the operation, two tubes are put in place to allow initial drainage of blood. And if necessary, the blood can then be used for retransfusion back into the patient’s body, thereby doing away with the need for alien blood supply.


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