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At the Havelklinik hip and knee operations are performed by our own doctors.

One of Havelklinik’s major medical departments is orthopedics. The technical standard of this hospital is world class. Fundamental to a procedure’s success are the expertise and skills of the surgeon.

The director of the Joint Care Center, Dr. Sarem, is a specialist consultant in the implantation of knee and hip prostheses; he performs hundreds of knee and hip operations a year. The advantage at the Havelklinik is that our patients are assured they will be treated and operated on exclusively by the Joint Care Center’s own physicians.
From ambulatory treatment to hospital admittance and surgery to post-operative care, there is only one “contact person” you have to deal with and that is – your personal physician. As a result, routes are shortened, unnecessary, repetitive tests avoided and medical treatment options optimized, since he will have all your medical data and information at his finger tip.

Besides the quality of the medical service you will receive at the Havelklinik, its dedicated nursing staff is geared towards the individual needs of the patient. You can expect flawless medical and nursing treatment and an excellent stay. The aim of Havelklinik is to make sure every one of their patients’ needs are met so there is never a doubt they are in the best of hands. This, in addition to the actual medical treatment, is vital to the healing process. Both patients covered by private and by statutory insurance receive the same care and attention.

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